Emotional Awareness

Full emotional awareness

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How can you support yourself to develop emotional awareness?

How does your recognition and awareness of emotional energy change over time?

How does your experience within emotional awareness differ from remaining ‘ignorant’ of your emotions?

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This interview is part of a series. It is not necessary to have any previous parts to benefit from this recording, but it may make reference to and draw upon previous interviews in this series.

Videos Series:

  1. Keeping Score
  2. Reactions in Your Body Language
  3. Lost in an Experience
  4. Creating Your Life
  5. Time Management in a New Relationship
  6. Moments of Conflict
  7. What If..?
  8. Chasing Time
  9. Procrastination
  10. Wake Up!
  11. So in Love
  12. So in Love - Part 2
  13. When Life Gives You Lemons
  14. I Just Want to Give Up
  15. Stuck
  16. Stuck - Part 2
  17. Challenge Yourself
  18. Voices in Your Mind
  19. Family vs Friends
  20. Create Your Family, Create Your Love
  21. I Know, I Know!
  22. Chaotic Thoughts, Chaotic Actions
  23. Self Trust
  24. Who You Are is What You Create - Part 1
  25. Who You Are Is What You Create - Part 2
  26. The BIG Discussions - Part 1
  27. The BIG Discussions - Part 2
  28. Look in the Mirror
  29. Dealing with "Difficult" People
  30. A Real Spark of Hope
  31. A Real Spark of Hope (Part 2)
  32. Let's Talk About YOU
  33. Let's Talk About YOU - Part 2
  34. I Want to Get Away
  35. To Have Children, Or Not
  36. Sounding Self Forgiveness for Your Partner
  37. Inferior | Superior
  38. Hating the Money System
  39. An Emotional Relationship with Money
  40. Waking up on the Emotional Side of the Bed
  41. The Nature of Fear
  42. Energy Drink Addiction
  43. Honouring Life
  44. Energy Drinks: Quick Fix, Long Effects
  45. What does 'Best for All' Mean?
  46. Doing it all Alone
  47. Will Your Self Forgiveness Ever be Done?
  48. Redefining Best for All in a Relationship
  49. Emotional Awareness
  50. Bringing Your Stress Home
  51. Emotional Self Forgiveness
  52. The Effects of Overthinking on Communication
  53. Hide and Go Seek
  54. It's all too Personal
  55. Enjoy the Journey
  56. Convicted by Blame
  57. What is the Difference Between Honesty and Self Honesty?
  58. The Reality of Self Honesty
  59. I Deserve it
  60. I Don't Deserve it
  61. The Truth in First Impressions
  62. The Journeys to Success Audio Only
  63. The Journeys to Success
  64. Purifying Competition
  65. Purifying Competition Audio Only
  66. Pandora's Box of Thoughts
  67. Miser-Able
  68. Comfort Zones and Dependency
  69. Shame & Self Forgiveness
  70. New Year's Resolutions (and Ending with a Bang)
  71. Physical Body as Cross Reference
  72. Conditioning Your Body as Stress
  73. Giving Safety versus Teaching Bravery
  74. Unfolding Your Path as You Walk
  75. When Energy Sweeps You Off Your Feet - Part 1
  76. When Energy Sweeps You Off Your Feet - Part 2
  77. Seeing Yourself Reflected in Another
  78. Facing the Reflection of Yourself in Another
  79. People Jobs and Corporate Jobs
  80. People Person or Corporate Person
  81. Directing Relationships with Others
  82. How Hate Becomes You
  83. Seeing Through Sunglasses of Distortion
  84. Disempowerment When Facing Yourself (Part 1)
  85. Disempowerment When Facing Yourself (Part 2)
  86. Disempowerment When Facing Yourself - Part 3
  87. The Effects of Porn on New Relationships: Introduction
  88. The Effect of Porn on New Relationships – Facing the Fear of Porn Addiction
  89. Children and Unexpected Life Changes
  90. Don’t Get Lost On Memory Lane
  91. When Memories Run Deep
  92. Hitting a Wall
  93. Projections Prevent Potential
  94. Judging My Body
  95. Where Did the Enjoyment in My Relationship Go?