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We are the custodians of a massive and growing library of recordings made by many different inter-dimensional beings through the Portal. Though the information coming through is manifold, it has a single purpose: for the support and education of Humanity.

We have reached people from all around the world, but not everyone has had the opportunity to receive the message and experience the transformations that so many others have had. We noticed that there were some common reasons for this:

  1. COST - 'It is too expensive to purchase individual recordings or keep up to date with all the new releases'.
  2. SELECTION - 'There are too many recordings to choose from! Picking the ones I really want sometimes means missing out on others'.
  3. ACCESS - 'It is difficult and expensive to follow my favorite series when I want to start from the beginning'.

We realized that in order for people to fully benefit from what EQAFE and all of the beings of existence have to offer, people need access to not only what they could afford, but to the ENTIRE LIBRARY, whenever they needed it, for whatever issue in life they would like support with.

At this very moment, the EQAFE catalogue features over €36,000 worth of interviews and materials - and we want to give everyone access to ALL of it.

Giving unlimited EQAFE access to everyone on earth has always been part of our vision, but one of the things that has kept us from doing so has been the need to generate sufficient income to keep our operations going, and to make sure that the people who have dedicated their lives to making EQAFE possible and taking care of all the things that have to happen behind the scenes will continue being able to do so. We also recognize that times are hard for many people and that being able to invest in EQAFE products isn’t always easy.

Our solution? We wish we could take credit for it, but Netflix did it first. The EQAFE for ALL Initiative provides members with full and complete access to the ENTIRE EQAFE LIBRARY for a single, affordable monthly subscription - the EQAFE Unlimited plan.

  • Access the entire catalogue - any interview, any series, anytime.
  • No more having to pick and choose the ones you can afford - gain access to ALL content instantly.
  • Want to binge on an entire series from the very beginning? Go for it.
  • New recordings come out this week? You’ll have access to them the instant they are added to our library.

As soon as we have enough committed on the EQAFE Unlimited plan at €30 a month - we will be able to substantially lower the prices of individual products as well as continue to find ways to make EQAFE more accessible to everyone.

But all of that starts with you - are you ready to be part of our EQAFE for ALL Initiative and help us bring EQAFE into the lives of as many people as possible?

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If you already have an EQAFE account, please Sign in and come back to this page.