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How Much of Me Can the Portal Really See? - The Portal and I

Full how much of me can the portal really see the portal and i
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People who have the opportunity to meet Sunette and the portal in real life have often expressed fear or anxiety about how much the portal may be able to see and read from them. After all, Sunette and the portal have access to everything - so that must mean that everything inside us is always exposed to their eyes, right?

In this video, Sunette clears up some misconceptions that people have had with her access and ability to see into the depths of existence, and why it is only in specific instances where she will see into a person’s deeper, personal aspects, and why even then it is not cause for shame or concern but rather an opportunity for support and understanding.

This interview is part of a series. It is not necessary to have any previous parts to benefit from this recording, but it may make reference to and draw upon previous interviews in this series.

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