War on Love

Full mfm radio war on love

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MFM Radio is the Music Project of Matti Freeman as MatterFreeMan.

MatterFreeMan is the Living Process of Standing One and Equal with the Matters at Hand - that Here in and as Matter as the Physical Manifested Consequence of Who we have Accepted and Allowed ourselves to be and become in and as Separation - Stopping the Alternate Reality of Separation as Mind that SUCKS Life from the Physical, and Birthing Self as Life from the Physical as All as One as Equal as Man.

LOVE has never existed, never been Real - only an energetic addiction as Mind in Self Interest of a Delusional Nature where we construct ourselves into a Mind Bubble, Deluged by our own Self-Created Feeling as ‘Love’ where we see and consider and experience only a Programmed Energy Experience as MIND in Separation of All Here - because we are actually in FEAR of what is Here, and so Deny what is Here in favor of an Illusion, never seeing and considering Life - never seeing and considering all other beings Here and what is in Fact being Accepted and Allowed - and thus never taking Responsibility for what we are Creating.

The only Real Love as a Living Reality is where All do what is Best for All - Love thy neighbor as One and Equal as Self.


Love, go away You’re a Disgrace On the Face of Life

Love, you are Fake You only make things FEEL okay

Love, you made me cry They said you’d never Die Love, you are a LIE

You were never a Gift from Above I declare War on Love I declare War on Love

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This interview is part of a series. It is not necessary to have any previous parts to benefit from this recording, but it may make reference to and draw upon previous interviews in this series.

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