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Earthonites - Jealousy

Full earthonites jealousy
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Jealousy contains all the components of self-sabotage: comparison, self judgment, desire, regret, envy, backchat - resulting in wasted time and wasted breath that could be spent living.

If you are ready for a life without Jealousy, investigate Self Forgiveness.

Jealousy, I want what you’re living Jealousy, why can’t it be given to me You got the life I wanna have I got fucked over and it’s driving me mad

You got the name and You got the fame and You got all of the attention that I crave

Jealousy, I want what you’re living Can’t you see, I want it for myself

Your happiness gets inside my mind It makes my life a living hell

You got the name and You got the fame and You got all of the attention that I crave Why can’t I just feel alive Why must I suffer inside

  • Matti Freeman: Lyrics, Vocals, Guitar, Synth
  • Kelly Posey: Vocals
  • David T. Duncan: Guitar
  • Fidelis Spies: Production, Drums, Bass, Guitar

© Earthonites 2012

This interview is part of a series. If you're interested in the topic, buy it, even if you don't have the previous parts. Though there might be some references to previous interviews.

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