Equality Song

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I Live in an Alternate Reality My World is the Information that is Me Its All Ive Ever Known that I can Be My Thoughts Give Me Some Security Security

I Live in an Alternate Reality To Escape the Truth of the Animosity Thats All-Around as Far as the Eye can See But I dont Wanna See I dont Wanna See

Whatever Happened to Our Equality Why cant We Live in This One Reality Why cant We All be Free

We Made a Mess of This Reality A Place where Life comes with Cruelty Money buys Us a Fantasy And lets Us Choose what we Wanna Be But we dont Wanna See

This Should Be Heaven for Every-One Life Lived Fully where All have Fun Where No-One has Anything to Hide And Life can No-Longer be Denied No-More Denied No-More Denied

Money is the Fuel that Gives Me What I Need to Feel Free From Having to Take Responsibility I Go Wherever my Desire and my Fear Tells Me My Fear Tells Me

To Not Have to Face my Anxiety To Not Have to See the Inhumanity The Inhumanity

Be the Key to Change Reality Be the Key to End Atrocity Make this World the Place it Must Be Where Life is Lived in Dignity

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