This is Desteni

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This is Desteni. 2009

Lyrics by Bernard Poolman Music, Vocals, and Production by Matti Freeman / MFM Radio

This is Desteni We Will Be the Pest We Need To make sure we test all Greed And Plant a New Seed

This is Desteni We are Life’s Chastity Suggesting What is the Best to Be Where All Life will not be Sad to See

This is Desteni For all Life to be Free From All that Control through Greed And do not allow all to Feed

This is Desteni We are all that see What to See We are all that stand to be Free Equal and One Life to Be

This is Desteni A Group of people equal & Free Because in each One we See Ourselves as Life We Will Be

This is Desteni What we are Saying for all to See That Life has been cheated and is Not Free Each One of Us is the Piece Life will Be

This is Desteni We are the Culture of Life indeed We are the Breath in every Seed We will not Stop till Life is Freed

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