What makes Me Starve In a World Of Plenty

Full somebody help me understand what makes me starve in a world of plenty

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Robot Virgins Ft MatterFreeMan -

We define ourselves on Earth through what we do and Allow without having a clue that that determine the Future of Everyone of Earth.

Read the Blog - Day 15: Who am I? Prisoner of the Mind? for clarity.

Share the song and assist yourself with doing something that will redefine WHO you are by going to LivingIncome.me and start the investigation of what we have allowed to exist on Earth in Blind Faith.

Robot Virgin Music Series:

  1. Robot Virgins
  2. Robot Virgins - Amazing Disgrace REMIX 2011
  3. Robot Virgins - Fire
  4. What makes Me Starve In a World Of Plenty
  5. Ode to our Children
  6. Robot Virgins – Together alone