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This is Viktor Persson, a fan of music. He started to play guitar when he was about 14 years old, and has been singing and writing lyrics since about the same time. Though nowadays Viktor doesn’t as he used to, play to become famous, or a fiercer guitar player, instead he plays because he enjoys it so much.

All his lyrics are inspired by the process of self-honesty and self-forgiveness, thus Viktor is mixing the process of self-realization with his passion for music, supporting himself to become more effective in his application through making the songs as corrective statements for himself to be lived – and at the same time having loads of fun!

Though not all songs are written by Viktor – Bernard Poolman has also contributed.

This is a music album made by Viktor Persson with the help from others – a collection of songs all written as a part of process.

Songs included:

  1. I Walk Alone
  2. I Wanna Get Stoned
  3. Life’s Call
  4. No More Love Jesus
  5. One Road
  6. Searched For Perfection
  7. The Quality of Equality
  8. The Winner And the Looser
  9. War, Debt, Slavery, Control
  10. We All Got A Choice
  11. What’s The Point With Humans?
  12. With No Money
  13. Become A Practivist

If you’ve taken an interest in Viktor Persson you can check out his blogs at:,, and

Also check out his youtube channel for videos, and more music:

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