The A to Z of Emotions & Feelings

Full the a to z of emotions feelings

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This document is a reference guide of all the Emotions and Feelings the Atlanteans have discussed over the course of the EQAFE interviews to date (March 2013 - March 2020). In addition we have also gathered related interviews from other series to complement the support from the Altanteans.

The purpose of this document is to have a clear oversight of all the Emotions and Feelings that have been covered so that you can easily find and reference the interviews that will support you with your particular experience or pattern that you are facing in your life.

Desteni Books Series:

  1. Virus Free Mind
  2. Freedom Blogs - The birth of Practivism - Volume 1
  3. What are Demons - Part 1
  4. The Desteni of Secrets
  5. Freedom Blogs - The Birth of Practivism - Volume 3
  6. Desteni Material Research 2007-2010
  7. Spirituality Under the Microscope - Volume 1
  8. How I Was Able to Hear the Desteni Message
  9. Interviews from the Desteni Farm
  10. The History of Desteni – Volume 1
  11. The History of Mankind
  12. The A to Z of Emotions & Feelings