Freedom Blogs - The birth of Practivism - Volume 1

Full freedom blogs the birth of practivism volume 1

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Evidence of the effectiveness of the Desteni I Process here for your indulgence.

Support people like you would like to be supported if you dare! Become part of the Future of the Human Race in changing the world into a world that supports all life. This change starts with you!

You have it in you to be the Answer to Your Life. Read how people just like you did it For themselves.

Freedom Blogs Volume 1 is the first volume within the ‘Blog-Book’ series.

The ‘Blog-Book’ series contains examples of practical living written by Destonians. It is an in-hand walk through the process of Self-Change.

While reading, you will get glimpse into how someone walking the Desteni Process uses Self Forgiveness and Self Honesty to change themselves into living examples of principled living. You will find practical examples of facing yourself as the mind through introspection and self-direction to stop and change yourself as the living breath.


  • Fearing the Living Dead - Me
  • The Name of my Game
  • I can Run but I cannot Hide
  • Funerals and Corpses
  • The Family Unit
  • Labels, Medicine & Pharmaceutics vs Mankind?
  • Morning or Mourning
  • The Polar-I-Tree
  • Defining Self
  • Meditation - Medication
  • Philosophy is Useless
  • and many more on 172 pages…

Desteni Books Series:

  1. Virus Free Mind
  2. Freedom Blogs - The birth of Practivism - Volume 1
  3. What are Demons - Part 1
  4. The Desteni of Secrets
  5. Freedom Blogs - The Birth of Practivism - Volume 3
  6. Desteni Material Research 2007-2010
  7. Spirituality Under the Microscope - Volume 1
  8. How I Was Able to Hear the Desteni Message
  9. Interviews from the Desteni Farm
  10. The History of Desteni – Volume 1
  11. The History of Mankind
  12. The A to Z of Emotions & Feelings