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Self Forgiveness on the Experience of Self-Pity

Full self forgiveness on the experience of self pity
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We all know what it feels like to feel sorry for yourself, to feel like the victim of life (or other people). Not only is this experience and way of thinking unpleasant, it also disempowers you from being able to stand as the director and creator of your life.

This product is especially useful if you are unable to speak or write your own Self Forgiveness. It consists of an audio recording of spoken Self Forgiveness on the experience of self-pity, plus the corresponding writing in a PDF document.

This interview is part of a series. If you're interested in the topic, buy it, even if you don't have the previous parts. Though there might be some references to previous interviews.

This product is delivered electronically. There's no shipping involved. Easily download it immediately after your payment is complete.

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