Self Awareness steps for the Elite - Part 4

Full self awareness steps for the elite introduction part 4

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Once Spiritual and Financial Fulfilment is achieved – the human reach a space where the Rebirth-Process to Self-Awareness may be possible. Many of the now Self-Fulfilled Elite make the Mistake to believe that they have transcended themselves, and therefore their ‘work is done’ and they are ‘Masters’.

What they do not Realise is that they have only Mastered the Illusion - and miss the 99.9% that is here on Earth which is the Real Test to Birth themselves to Life. The Perfection of the Illusion is such, that rarely those that has eaten from the Tree of Knowledge will find Life before Death arrives to shatter the Illusion.

This interview-series consist of the following interviews:

  1. Advanced: Subconscious-Mind Personality Energy – Introduction: This is an Introduction Interview in which we prepare you for what you will be walking with us in the interviews to come, where we’ll be walking the framework/design of the Subconscious-Mind in detail, walking the history of how the Subconscious-Mind was created, programmed and designed, where Personalities come from, what are Personalities, how and why we function/exist through Personalities, how and why we haven’t realised that we do not need/require Personalities/Energy of the Subconscious-Mind to Live in our human physical bodies and express ourselves in this world, and how Personalities have enslaved/controlled our potential of expanding, growing and developing as Really Evolving as a Human Race.
  2. The Difference between Mind-Energy and Physical-Substance: Here we discuss the difference between Mind-Energy of Consciousness and Physical-Substance of the Human Physical Body, to see/realise/understand the difference between enslavement to energy of the Mind and freedom of self-expression in/as the Human Physical Body to see/realise/understand the difference between existing through the Mind, and living in/as/with one’s human physical body out of the Mind/Consciousness.
  3. How Mind-Energy is created and generated Here we walk you into the ‘mechanics’ of how we through our Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious Mind create Energy, what Mind-Energy really is, how specifically we generate it as a ‘power source’ within ourselves that solidify our enslavement to Consciousness, how Consciousness is simply a system/program, why Consciousness is self-enslavement – to realise/see/understand for self how and why we do not need/require Mind-energy to exist/function in this world.
  4. Walking out of Mind-Energy into and as Physical-Living: In this interview we discuss what it means to release self from the Illusion of Mind-Energy to return to Physical-Substance, to the Physical Reality to Live in Self-Awareness. Thus, showing the practical process of how to transcend Consciousness and become a Self-Aware living being and within this, how to change/transform one’s existence from the control of Mind-Energy to the Freedom of Self-Expression in the Physical.

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This interview is part of a series. It is not necessary to have any previous parts to benefit from this recording, but it may make reference to and draw upon previous interviews in this series.

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