Self Awareness steps for the Elite - Part 1

Full self awareness steps for the elite introduction part 1

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Once Spiritual and Financial Fulfilment is achieved – the human reach a space where the Rebirth-Process to Self-Awareness may be possible. Many of the now Self-Fulfilled Elite make the Mistake to believe that they have transcended themselves, and therefore their ‘work is done’ and they are ‘Masters’.

What they do not Realise is that they have only Mastered the Illusion - and miss the 99.9% that is here on Earth which is the Real Test to Birth themselves to Life. The Perfection of the Illusion is such, that rarely those that has eaten from the Tree of Knowledge will find Life before Death arrives to shatter the Illusion.

This interview-series consist of the following interviews:

  1. Beginners: Conscious-Mind Thought-manifestation: Here we give perspective of what the Conscious-Mind is and the Nature and Design of Thoughts that one face and experience within the Conscious-Mind to understand how Thoughts within the Conscious Mind operate/function.
  2. Beginners: Subonscious-Mind Thought-manifestation: Here we discuss what the Subconscious-Mind is and how Thoughts manifest in the Subconscious-Mind. How the Subconwscious-Mind and Thoughts of the Subconscious-Mind differ from the Conscious-Mind. We look at what ‘Backchat’ and ‘Internal Conversations’ are, as well as ‘Personalities’ that exist in the Subconscious-Mind and how we create/programme them through our Minds.
  3. Beginners: Unconscious-Mind Thought-manifestation In this interview we have a look at how Thoughts manifest within our Unconscious-Mind, what are the Nature and Design of Thoughts in the Unconscious-Mind, what is the ‘Unconscious-Mind’ and how our Thoughts within the Unconscious-Mind determine, influence and control our behaviour/physical-mannerism.
  4. Beginners: Conscious-Mind Thought-Manifestation Writing: Assisting and supporting with practical examples of how to assist and support self in realising that one can actually direct, stop and change one’s Thoughts and Thought-participations in the Conscious-Mind, to realise that self can take the position of directing self/self’s world and no more accept/allow thoughts to run rampant / create conflict in one’s Mind.
  5. Beginners: Subconscious-Mind Thought-Manifestation Writing: Here we present practical tools with how to direct, stop and change the internal conflict, for example - we experience in our Subconscious-Minds as created by our Thoughts of Internal Conversations/Backchat and Reactions of emotions/feelings that we’ve created as ‘Personalities’.
  6. Beginners: Unconscious-Mind Thought-Manifestation Writing: Here you will find practical tools of how to approach your Unconscious-Mind, how to ‘see’ / ‘read’ your Unconscious-Mind through your behaviour/mannerism as body-language and how to assist/support self to change, direct and stop behaviour/mannerism being controlled/manipulated through the Mind, but to actually become self-directive with/as/in your human physical body and also covering what it means to be ‘self-directive’ as opposed to controlled through the Mind.
  7. Beginners: Conscious-Mind Thought-manifestation Self-Forgiveness: Here we introduce you to the process of Self-Forgiveness, what Self-Forgiveness is, how to assist/support self with Self-Forgiveness in facing Conscious-Mind Thoughts, how Self-Forgiveness assist/support self in stopping, directing and changing Conscious-Mind Thoughts.
  8. Beginners: Subconscious-Mind Thought-manifestation Self-Forgiveness: Showing how to practically walk self-forgiveness in in facing a/the Thought-manifestation of/as the Subconscious-Mind and how Self Forgiveness assist/support self to release self from the energy-relationships we have with the Mind that has bound us into enslavement towards it, but to through Self Forgiveness, release such relationships to establish a Self-Relationship with ourselves.
  9. Beginners: Unconscious-Mind Thought-manifestation Self-Forgiveness: Here we give practical examples of how to approach Self-Forgiveness within the context of one’s Unconscious-Mind, to through Self-Forgiveness realise/see/understand how we’ve created/programmed our own behaviours/reactions in our human physical bodies and how to assist/support self to release self from such creations, to prepare self for the process of really Living with one’s human physical body, instead of existing in constant/continuous reaction and conflict within oneself and one’s world/reality.

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This interview is part of a series. It is not necessary to have any previous parts to benefit from this recording, but it may make reference to and draw upon previous interviews in this series.

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