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“What you gonna do now? - Now that the world falls apart?” is what J Jesus asks each one. In a world of concern and confusion conjured by the con of consciousness, the consequence is always one of conflict. The sequence of events we see in this world is the result of just that, and so the question arrises: “What you gonna do now?” - “Now that this earth is hell”, will you allow yourself to take part in it or will you stop this mess?

“Equalize yourself” it the solution: To Equalize oneself with the principle that stands eternal - Equality and Oneness as Life as All. That is J Jesus’ ‘MessAge’ in this song, as well as the overall ‘MessAge’ in his debut album which you can download it right here on EQAFE.

Song Lyrics:

What you gona do now Now that the world falls apart And you as, of the world, a part Will have an equal kick start

So tell me, yeah What you gonna do now?

You conceive conclusions in a condition Of concrete contradiction conforming The concern for conflict and confusion With a concept that will continue The conditional existence of your consciosness

What you gonna do now?

As you conquer in a context Of control you confront The conjured conscious of yourself To be consumed by controversy as consequence To stop this con man made

So tell me What you gonna do now?

What you gonna do now Now that this earth is hell? And as you on it dwell You’ll be caught under the spell (?)

What you gonna do now Now that death is close Having a con over dose To for ever decompose

So tell me, yeah What you gonna do now?

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