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I am Here to Challenge You - Untold Story of Heaven and Earth

Full i am here to challenge you untold story of heaven and earth
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Have you ever wondered why Anu seems to jump around in various topics and expressions in the videos and recordings he does? What does it mean when Anu says he is not here to speak to your mind, but to your being?

Anu shares who he is within the way he speaks and expresses himself through the portal, and exposes why some people may react to the way information is presented or does not seem to follow a ‘guideline’. Is this simply the way Anu works with multidimensional points, or is there perhaps some method to the madness? Find out in this video.

This interview is part of a series. It is not necessary to have any previous parts to benefit from this recording, but it may make reference to and draw upon previous interviews in this series.

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