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What if all the answers to life and existence were literally only a breath away?

For many, breathing is taken for granted and is simply something the body does to survive. But what if the very thing that can unlock our awareness and bring us into deeper connection with life itself is the thing we pay the least attention to?

What secrets does breathing hold in store for you to discover, and how might your life change when you realize how much you can transcend in just one breath?

This compilation includes several recordings from Eqafe, interviews by Bernard Poolman, the Portal, and a booklet with written material on the topic of Breath.

The following interviews are included (25 audio files and 1 PDF booklet):

Eqafe interviews:

  1. Reptilians – Breath the Answer to Life
  2. The Consciousness of the Rhino – Part 1
  3. The Consciousness of the Rhino – Part 2
  4. Reptilians – Holographics & The Breath of Life
  5. Reptilians – Stepping into the Challenge
  6. Kryon – My Existential History – The Pace of the Breath
  7. What Matters in Matter – Breath and Being Here Moment by Moment
  8. Back to Basics – The Infinite Moment of Breath
  9. Earth, Nature and Weather – Temperature – Quantum Breathing and the Rhythm of Life

Interviews by the Portal:

  1. 21 Day Breathing Challenge
  2. HOM 7 – The First Breath – by Jack
  3. Solution – Breath in Every Moment

Interviews by Bernard Poolman:

  1. All Time, Every Time, Every Breath
  2. Breath & Resonance
  3. Breath Accumulation Equation
  4. Breath Equals Money
  5. Effective Breathing
  6. Every Breath is a Mathematical Equation
  7. Existing as Breath
  8. God as Breath
  9. Healing and Breathing
  10. Power & Breath
  11. Radical Breath
  12. The Breath of the System
  13. The Gauntlet of the Living Word

Plus a PDF booklet including writing and articles about Breath.

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This interview is part of a series. It is not necessary to have any previous parts to benefit from this recording, but it may make reference to and draw upon previous interviews in this series.

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