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Anna & Viktor Discovers The Physical is a group from Sweden which makes sweet sounding music to explore and support self-expression as equal and one with The Physical. They have a passion for real music, not the music produced in order to make tons of money. But instead music where the best guitar might be played upside down, or where the echo of sound is meant to tickle the vocal cords. In conclusion, Viktor and Anna play music to, for, with and through the body as self-expression.

This song is about our ability to push ourselves through any of our inner walls, and experiences to live here in and as the physical. Even though it all may seem very hard, we’re in-fact capable to get back HERE.

What ever happened to the voices of the mess-age Lost inside the bar-code of their ribcage? No they did not disappear

We are Here

Somehow, Somewhere
Someone is still singing
And the Sound of Change
is heard by Every Living thing This is Clear

We are Here

A thousand words
A billion Man March
A single black bird sitting in a dying larch
It will not disappear

We are Here

And even though it all feels real
It’s never too late to say no to the deal
Have no Fear

We are Here

And when we Stop
We Realize
We don’t Accept no more Lies
There will be no more tears

We are Here

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