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The Story of Sunette

Full the story of sunette
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The Story of Sunette Spies series consists of 21 video-interviews in which Sunette tells her personal story of what she experienced in her life before she became a portal, how she left her body for the first time and what she experienced and discovered when exploring the dimensions.

The Series contains the following interviews:

  1. Sunette - Meeting CrossOvers
  2. Sunette - Meeting Demons
  3. Sunette - The Goddess of Creation
  4. Sunette - My Mum Died
  5. Sunette - Making my own way
  6. Sunette - Starting a New Life
  7. Sunette - Catching Demons
  8. Sunette - Seeing in One Moment
  9. Sunette - My Fall and Standing Up
  10. Sunette - The Dimensional Planes
  11. Sunette - Planets in Earth
  12. Sunette - Higher Self
  13. Sunette - One Atom God
  14. Sunette - God Self
  15. Sunette - One Dimension
  16. Sunette - The 13 Game Lords
  17. Sunette - The White Light
  18. Sunette - AIDS Attack
  19. Sunette - Meeting Satan
  20. Sunette - Meeting The Devil
  21. Sunette - Setting Process

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