The Reptilians - a Chat with Anu, Enki, Enlil and Marduk

Full the reptilians

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Four reptilian beings known as ‘The Annunaki’ were responsible for the design and creation of the human. This video-series consists of 32 video-interviews in which they give insight into why and how they created us and their perspectives on what they have realised about themselves.

Chat With Anu

  1. Reptilian GOD as Master Manipulator
  2. The desire to Serve
  3. Love and DNA
  4. Purpose
  5. Emotions in charge
  6. Madness of the human
  7. Secret of real evil
  8. 2012 and UFO’s
  9. Human body as GOD - The Secret of Reptilians?
  10. Multi Dimensional Physical as GOD - Secrets?

Chat with Enlil

  1. Pleasure in full force by Enlil the Reptilian
  2. Reptilian Enlil on mind control made easy
  3. Communication through the ages
  4. Master Creators and 2013 - What will be here?
  5. Only the Physical is real

Chat with Enki

  1. Reptilian Prisoners
  2. Enki - the Reptilian on Absolute Enslavement
  3. Enki discusses Marduk’s Designs of Personas
  4. Evil Spirit Enki with Enlightened News
  5. Reptilian Perfection control the mind
  6. Reptilian has no regret
  7. Mayans Minds Time Lines and 2012
  8. Why did Jesus DIE - Interview with Reptilian

Chat with Marduk

  1. The Human symbol
  2. Symbols, Personality and Entity
  3. DNA, secrets and the Law of numbers
  4. Life and the DNA organism
  5. Reality exist as DNA projections - What is real?
  6. Reptilian shame – Human Design Mistakes
  7. Energy as Creation
  8. The Divinity of Man – The Power
  9. The Study of self - The end is here!

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