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The North Whole Crew introducing Staffan, Anna, Viktor and Niklas - Rapping for World Equality and an Equal Money System.


“As fear of a silence was reaching my mind I created these thought I do have to find Things of importance The stuff that I need You know how it is Pretty please do agree. When you’re taking the step And committing to buy It’s commercials and adds You don’t have to think why.

In my head, there is a sound it’s the bells they are ringing Ring a ding a ding dong The angels are singing Snow is falling Soft and shining The thoughts in my head They are twirling and minding Christmas is the time of year Where love is in season The rest of the year, we don’t care This is the reason: We justify and testify That all is good and dandy While some may starve and die today We eat our Christmas candy

So we don’t need to ask no questions About how the world is turning We just light our Christmas trees While the world is burning

In the time of year when we’re supposed to smile Most of us are lying down are walking the green mile There ain’t no happiness to feel when there is no dough And because of this corrupt system this is so To live out your life in peace and to get your money with ease That’s not something all can do – in-fact most live without shoes Not because they want it so – but because they ain’t got no dough And they ain’t lesser or dummer than – someone born with money on their hand Marginalized all since birth – not given the same fruit of the earth Not given what they need – cause of someone else’s greed

A rich mans heaven is a poor mans hell When a man is happy then what can you tell His pockets full of money and they keep to swell Ringa-ding-dong can hear the death bell Another child dead when she could be fed I’d gladly bid this corrupt system farewell A child is worth more than your dirty oil well All life is equal so let’s share the bread

Everybody needs a proper education Man know thy self is the true revelation It doesn’t need any further explanation

Equal Money Equal Life Equal Dignity