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The Design of Life - Volume 3

Full the design of life volume 3
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The ‘Design of Life’ Series was done to assist and support human beings with seeing, understanding and realizing the design of Life in its very nature.

When one see for oneself what one has accepted and allowed, One is than able to practically change and become, for the very first time, a being that is Life.

This video-series consists of 90 videos discussing specific designs that we live by and live as.

Volume 3 videos:

19 - The Design of Bulimia 20 - The Design of Giving up 21 - The Design of Greed 22 - The Design of Imagination 23 - The Design of Fear of parents 24 - The Design of Fear of loss 25 - The Design of Respect 26 - The Design of The whiner 27 - The Design of Truth

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