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The Human beings currently exist in the world as greed and survival without any awareness of the consequences and the influences it has on Everyone on Earth.

Read the Blog - Day 15: Who am I? Prisoner of the Mind? for clarity.

Share the song and assist yourself with doing something that will redefine WHO you are by going to and voting on the Equal Money System Policies and start the investigation of what we have allowed to exist on Earth in Blind Faith.


There’s a cold wind a comin’ but there’s chains at my door because I got no money but I’m helpless to get home

You know I cry, you know it’s wrong You know I die, but you let it, ya you let go on

Breaking these chains, one by one Breaking these chain, you’ve already won I’m not playing with human chains/ You won the game of human chains/ we’re all to blame, for what we’ve made

And so you pass me by on the way to your charity dinner Did you know my child died just so you could look like a winner?

The rich spin the wheel, like life is a game ya, you took a chance, that human flesh, that human flesh would pay

All I ever wanted was to fly Feel the freedom, that you’ve known in this world All I ever wanted was my girl to go to school my son to wear new shoes, do the things you do but you let it, ya, you let go on

music/lyrics/vocal by Sandy Jones MacGillivray

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