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Niklas Nydahl - Scary Christmas - Slave Bells are Ringing

Full niklas nydahl scary christmas
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Niklas rapping for World Equality and a Consumerism-Free World.


Scary Christmas - and a new year of fear It’s not going to change until we get a new system in gear Mommy and daddy always supported my greed Placed a value in mental desires instead of physical needs

Only the “good” children may sit in Santa’s lap but those to the south and east on the map are forever trapped on the other side of the income gap

20 thousand children will die on Christmas eve But it’s not going to be your children – what a relief We’re teaching our own children to believe that it’s elves producing the gifts – so that they won’t have to grieve the child slaves in chains – we want naive brains You see truth wouldn’t be good for consumerism Because the basis of our economy is positivism

Our pursuit of personal happiness and joy equals the bereavement of a dignified life of billions young girl and boy

The experts say that it’s good for our economy And we clean our conscience with useless philanthropy It won’t solve the inherent insolvency What’s required is collective responsibility by implementing a system of absolute equality

Scary Christmas it’s that time of year The slave bells are ringing - can you hear? Mommy and daddy always supported my greed Placed a value in mental desires instead of physical needs

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