Matti Freeman - My Experience with Eleven Eleven

Full matti freeman my experience with eleven eleven

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In this recording I’m sharing my experience with seeing 11:11 and other numbers seen as ‘significant’ within New Age and Spirituality, like 3:11, and 12:12. As a former ‘lightworker’, I used to see these numbers all the time, and believed that the reason I am seeing them is because I am being shown ‘signs’ that are indicating where I should be in my life, and who I should be involving myself with, as ‘guidance’ being given to me by my ‘higher self’, or by ‘higher beings and forces’ operating ‘behind the scenes’ - where I would even add up the numbers of for example the address of my place of work, or my house, to see if there were any ‘11:11s’ contained within the address.

What I’ve discovered through my application of Stopping the Mind through Breathing, Self Honesty, Writing and Self Forgiveness, is that I was in fact programming myself to see these numbers, and that the numbers are simply indicating that we are in a preprogrammed, mathematically designed, systematic reality.

This recording contains further perspective as to the implications of being in a mathematically preprogrammed reality. Essential listening for anyone curious about the 11:11 phenomenon.

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