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Matti Freeman - Home is Here

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In this recording I am giving perspective of what I have realized about ‘Home’ and ‘Remembering’. Specifically in relation to my past as a ‘Lightworker’.

“…You can see that you are Here, right now. It does not require some path or process of spiritual development or raising your vibration or working with energy or crystals or meditation, NO. It is to simply Breathe Here - to BE HERE AS BREATH - aware of each in and out breath. In this, you see that the only reason you miss a breath, is because you go into the MINED and start thinking and accessing all kinds of knowledge and ideas and beliefs and pictures. It is the kNOWledge that keeps you from seeing the simplicity that you are just HERE, and have always been HERE.”

Common Sense is that unless we all start living Here, and stop the endless ‘spiritual journey’ of consciousness within and as the Mind, we will never sort out the mess Here on Earth and make this world a better place for all beings. Stop your mind if you dare - and experience the simplicity of being Here in the Physical.

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