How to be a Portal - Part 1

Full how to be a portal part 1

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The How to be a Portal video series consists of 49 video interviews by Winged on portal support, covering how each one is able to practically assist and support themselves in being a portal and entering the interdimensional existence entirely and completely and have an interdimensional being come within and as your human physical body.

Winged starts with sharing her experiences, which will give you an indication of when you’ve actually left your body. She continues with discussing the points that need to be taken into consideration with regards to self-forgiveness and self-honesty.

List of Interviews (Part 1):

  1. The first steps
  2. The inner mountains
  3. When leaving the body
  4. The desire to be a portal
  5. Leaving the body is immediate
  6. The body disappears - I remain
  7. The wholeness of sound
  8. Knowledge and information
  9. Letting go - I remain
  10. When am I ready?
  11. Relationship ties and addictions
  12. Self-definition as mind
  13. Being comfortable alone
  14. The world alone - why?
  15. The key to self
  16. Interjections in the tubes of self
  17. Denial and hiding - face self
  18. Drugs and alcohol
  19. Access to self in confusion
  20. The choice to stop
  21. The point of no return
  22. Who will you meet?
  23. How the mind supports self-honesty
  24. How will you see?
  25. How to support self?

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