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Within this part of the interview series, Bernard will be laying out the basic structure of the Equal Money System, through answering the frequently asked questions with regards to the Equal Money System.

As you go through the interviews, you’ll be amazed at the simplicity of the Equal Money System where one will then ask the next Question – “How come we haven’t applied an Equal Money System before?”

So – To support the Equal Money System establishment through your understanding of it and to Support the people who are busy make Manifest the Equal Money system, buy this product. Get informed, Get involved.


  1. Basic income grant
  2. Will there be banks in an Equal Money System
  3. Betrothing my estate to my children
  4. Gambling and betting and sports
  5. How will land be distributed or how will it be decided who gets what house
  6. How will people be motivated in an free society in an equal money system
  7. How will the basic income grant be capitalized
  8. How will you get everyone to agree to an equal money system
  9. Isn’t equal money just communism
  10. Leadership and the equal money system
  11. What is going to happen to the private corporations and the businesses of people
  12. Why don’t we use the media like television to spread the equality message
  13. Will equal money be actual physical money that is printed
  14. Will I own my own house
  15. Won’t most people abuse the system
  16. Who will enforce the equal money system
  17. Will I not lose free choice in an equal money system
  18. How will the equal money system be implemented
  19. How would equal money system pay for resources and energy and products
  20. Will we all have micro - chip implants
  21. Why is equal money no a violent revolution
  22. How would food be manufactured and produced
  23. Cars in an equal money system – who will make them and who will get them
  24. Will I still be able to buy the things that I like
  25. How will we make sure that products are made to last
  26. Can I profit from equality
  27. What about rewards for great performance within an equal money system
  28. Who will want to study to become a doctor
  29. What will happen to my debt in an equal money system
  30. Life insurance in an equal money system
  31. How do we decide what is the standard of basic living
  32. How will we get rid of toxic waste and other side effects of capitalism
  33. Money isn’t everything
  34. Will everyone wear the same clothes
  35. What about families in an Equal Money System
  36. What is intervention
  37. What will happen to criminals
  38. What will happen to the elite
  39. What will the justice system look like
  40. What will the police army and navy do
  41. A person that do not correct themselves when they have support from the professional psychologists within an equal money system
  42. Who decides the prices of products and services
  43. Will Bill Gates still be Bill Gates within and equal money system
  44. Will borders exist in an equal money system
  45. Will we have enough energy to produce electricity for all in the world
  46. Will Education be an Obligation
  47. What will happen to the media in an Equal Money System
  48. Who will be the rubbish remover in an Equal Money System
  49. Will chemicals still be produced
  50. The Power of 10 will save our Home

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