Andrea's Journey with Demons

Full andrea s journey with demons

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Andrea’s journey of how she became involved with demons and becoming dependent on their perspectives of life while fully experiencing the power of demonic influence. As well as her experience of unveiling the truth behind dimensions and demons.


  1. Brief Description
  2. I was a wiccan
  3. Housesitting with demons
  4. In training with 3 gods
  5. My relationship with a dimensional God
  6. The God reveals his true colours
  7. Continuing my relationship with the demon
  8. Allowing myself to be possessed
  9. The knife of life or death
  10. Consulting an exorcist
  11. Protection from the light
  12. The return of the demon
  13. Something different about the demon
  14. My guide revealed
  15. Jack reveals himself
  16. Meeting Eagle and Winged
  17. My world came to an end
  18. Taking on the mind
  19. My experience with Jack revealed
  20. More experiences with Jack
  21. Andreas interview perspective
  22. Andreas interview perspective

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