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Sunette Spies - Sex and Success

Full sex and success sunette spies
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Success within sexuality in ways that support effective relationships is a must if you want to give Your new Love experience the best chance to be what you always dreamt it could be.

Both partners should listen to these recordings and learn to live it in support of each other. The proceeds are shared between the Equal Life Foundation as the not for profit organiztion researching a better world for all and the Store affiliate that fund their education through their commission income.

Support people dedicated to a better world for all and become part of a growing group focus for a new world.


  1. What effect has our view on sex on the experience of ourselves within sex and within relationships?
  2. The design and manifestation of how and what sex exists as within relationships today.
  3. How one’s expected experience of sex, based on accumulated pictures and images, will never be equal to the actual physical experience of and within sex.
  4. The personalized, virtual book of sex as knowledge, information, pictures and images - how it exists within our mind and how it influences us within the experience of sex.
  5. How can sex in agreement be used to assist and support self to speed up the process of stopping the mind.
  6. Practical perspective on walking in an agreement, equal and one, as well as the sexual expression that is able to open up from this stable foundation as agreement.
  7. Support on how to assist and support self in changing sexuality from enslavement to freedom. Continuing to give perspective on what is possible within sex when walking an agreement.
  8. What is the difference between agreements and relationships - and what is the difference between sex within relationships and sex within agreements?
  9. Continuing with the question - What is the difference between agreements and relationships - and what is the difference between sex within relationships and sex within agreements.
  10. How are you practically able to utilize Desteni I Process and organic muscle communication to assist and support self to become equal and one as the physical, through sex?
  11. Within this interview, Sunette discusses the importance of self-comfortability in and as your physical body, when masturbating or having sex.

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