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Relationship Symbol Reading

Full relationship symbol reading
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Price: €300.00

If a picture can tell a thousand words, what would a picture symbolizing your relationship tell you?

Every relationship has a multi-dimensional depth that can be symbolically represented in a way that reveals the nature, dynamic, and potential of your relationship. Are you ready to explore the real depths of your relationship with someone?

This product is applicable to any and all relationships! (eg family, work, intimate, friend, etc)

You will get:

  • A scan of your drawing emailed to you as soon as it’s ready.
  • A +/- 20 minute recording from Sunette describing the significance of the drawing.
  • A one hour voice chat with Sunette where you can get more details and ask questions about the drawing.

Please email store@desteni.org with any questions.

Due to high demand and lengthy production process for this item, no refunds will be processed at this time. Current waiting period may be subject to change, but Sunette is working to satisfy all orders as soon possible.

This interview is part of a series. It is not necessary to have any previous parts to benefit from this recording, but it may make reference to and draw upon previous interviews in this series.

This product is delivered electronically. There's no shipping involved. Easily download it immediately after your payment is complete.

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